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Races and Classes

Six races, each of which has its own classes: Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Kamael

Character development

The intensive development in Gracia Epilogue immerses you in the game from the very first levels. An incomparable pleasure for fans of classic chronicles! All levels, starting from the earliest ones, are full of game events. Defend against monsters so as not to lose the accumulated experience. Is hunting civilians your favorite pastime? Get ready to lose valuable items if you can't survive the battle. Risk your experience to take over the hunting area.

Clan wars and castle battles

Do you want to gain authority and warm yourself in the glory of the best chronicles of the Game? Clan Wars are waiting for you! Create your own clan or join an existing one. Fight together for resource-rich lands. Get rewards from epic bosses and don't let your rivals do it.

Classical system of economics

The housekeeper in Gracia Epilogue, from taxes to gear crafting, is entirely up to the players. The open market encourages entrepreneurship and offers many ways to make money. Hunt monsters in open locations to get resources for crafting items and weapons. Master the classic trading system in which profit directly depends on the time spent selling. Sell the earned resources for adena and buy items from other players. Upgrade your Dwarf to craft valuable items.

Gand Olympiad

Player versus Player (PvP) is a competition between characters for the title of Hero in their class. The title of Hero will be valid for the next calendar month after the end of the Grand Olympiad cycle. As a reward, the Hero receives the right to the Hero's Weapon, and everyone who took part and won prizes receives certain signs of the Olympics. These badges can be used to purchase unique items.


Track the Promotions on the forum, which will significantly increase the balance on your account.


Take part in global events and get a worthy reward. Even the losers will not be left without prizes.